Movie Review: Nursie (2004)

I was very dubious about watching this film at first. It wasn't until the missus picked it out, did we decide to watch it. Most of my DVD's tend to sit on the shelf for quite some time before I eventually give them a whirl.

At first, Nursie didn't really have me interested. Low production value and a very limited dialogue didn't help matters but once it got going, I found myself getting increasingly involved.

The story follows a Doctor, Zack and his wife who are travelling to a friend’s house. They stop off at a truck stop diner and after upsetting some of the locals, they flee. They travel several miles down the road before they are abruptly run off the road and subsequently hit a cow.

Dazed and confused, Zack awakes in a bed. He doesn't realise it yet but he has woken up to a nightmare of Annie Wilke's proportion! With more than just shades of "Misery", this film builds the suspense with consumate ease. Some brilliant acting, mainly from Savannah Boucher, who plays Ada the Nurse, make this film rather enjoyable.

A few suspect moments in the script threaten to reduce the viewing pleasure but when you have a film that doesnt take itslef too seriously and never sets itself too high, you can't really complain. There was clearly no need to resort to mindless gore to bump up viewability as with so many low budget horror films. Instead, Nursie weaves its way through its duration with ease, culminating in a more than satisfactory conclusion.

All in all, Nursie is well deserving of a positive review and in my opinion it deserves far more credibility than its other reviews may suggest. If you are not looking for an Oscar worthy performance and don’t mind a few dialogue problems. I would definitely suggest Nursie But don't keep her too long.... She is losing her patients!

Released: 2004
Nursie (2004) on IMDb
My Rating: 6


  1. I personally liked "Nursie". Savannah Boucher is awesome in this movie. She really portrays a psycho nurse very well and her performance was very entertaining. I'll admit that there are scenes in this movie that are seem to defy all common sense. For example, Dr. Zack had several opportunities to save himself from Ada, but he didn't. That is, he kept going to the phone when he could have been searching for a weapon (kitchen knife or tool) to defend himself and attack Ada and her crazy brother, but he didn't. A doctor should be smart right? Eventually, he does get Ada, but not enough to keep her down. At least he got her sick psycho brother. All in all, I thought the movie was suspenseful and funny too. I would watch it again and you should too.


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