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Movie Review: Alien Abduction (2014)

So, here it is. My first blog entry in nearly two years and I have decided to review one of the many films I watched last year which, in my humble opinion, was extremely underrated.

I don't think the world has given enough love to the found footage sub-genre of Horror films. A sub-genre which I find highly enjoyable, as evidenced by some of my past posts, Skew, Grave Encounters and V/H/S to name but a few and of course, my number one horror film The Blair Witch Project.
The love for this sub-genre, sadly died almost as quickly as it had emerged. From the seldom seen gems like said Witch project to a barrage of low budget, sub-standard and almost identical blunders, it could be easy to see why.
As I said though, every now and then we find a film which not only reignites our love for a certain sub-genre but reminds us why we ever loved it at all!
Alien Abduction follows the Morris family whose autistic son Riley, is capturing the families camping trip on film. Along with his Brother,…

I'm back

Hello Horror people. It has been nearly two years since my last post and I have decided after much soul searching to make a come back. A brief explanation as to my absence is in July of 2013 my wife, my best friend and the mother to my kids sadly passed away.

As you can imagine, with two young children to worry about and between many other things, I simply have not had the time to sit down and do much of anything. I am not going to go into any further details, all I will say is, its been very tough but I have found watching horror films to be a good distraction from everything and in some weird and twisted way, its very therapeutic! Even the bad ones!

So, with that being said I am here to say, I'm back.

Watch this space for the good, the bad and as always, the ugly of the horror world!