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Movie Review: Dead Silence (2007)

 Not the Dummy we expected!  I skipped past this film so many times, having lived the last three years of its life on my shelf but when I eventually did decide to watch it I was pleasantly surprised. As with most cinema failures, it soon found its way into bargain bins everywhere and generally forgotten by the public. As my experience has taught me, you can't take the word of a few film critics as gospel. Despite this early set back, DVD sales fared somewhat better, finally bringing this little gem to a wider audience. A lot of people would immediately see the proud banner splashed across the top of the DVD case and assume that because James Wan, who Wrote, Produced and Directed the original Saw film that they would be in for the same dark, dingy shock horror film that saw Cary Elwes ultimately hacking off his own foot in a last ditch effort to escape a prison in which he had awoken some hours earlier. This film is far from the shock gore fest that saw Wan gain a certai