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Movie Review: The Boy (2016)

The Boy starts off as seemingly innocent as possible. A young American girl (Greta) is about to start a new job as a nanny in jolly old England. What she doesn’t know is the young boy she is due to care for is actually a life sized doll! Yep, you heard me. A scary ass life sized pot doll complete with scary eyes, perfect hair and a wardrobe to rival the best of us! The story unfolds that the parents, Mr & Mrs Heelshire, did have a living, breathing son who died over 20 years ago and as a coping mechanism, they got attached to a life sized doll in the young departed boys’ stead. The Heelshire’s live, as I said in England, in an amazingly sprawling country house. Their daily routines all revolve around caring for the doll child and catering to it’s/his every whim. Sound strange yet? It should, the Heelshire’s are an old couple now and Mr Heelshire makes his true feelings known to Greta in a quiet setting while emptying the rat traps by admitting that things had gotten

Movie Review: Veronica (2017)

Where do I start with this film? I have never had an issue with subtitles, so when my girlfriend suggested a film she saw a trailer for on Netflix, the subtitles quirk did not put me off. A quick stop via YouTube to watch the trailer and I was definitely in the mood for this film! A teenage girl, Veronica, who seems to carry the weight of the world on her young shoulders is introduced to the audience as the mother figure. She not only has to contend with getting herself ready for school every morning but also her 3 young siblings who consist of twin girls Lucia and Irene and youngest, Antonito.  We quickly learn that this family has recently gone through some extremely difficult times as it is gleamed that their father has recently passed away and their mother has to work long hours to support the family. Veronica has obviously decided. Along with her best friend Rosa, that she wants to try and get some closure so with a ouija board in hand, she attempts to make co