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Remakes: Are they as bad as we think?

I thought it was high time I finally got around to the topic of Re-Makes. Many people believe re-makes are the bane of Hollywood at this precise moment in time. If it’s not an action flick from years gone by, it’s a classic Horror! Have the writers just simply given up or are the studio exec’s looking for the easy score, regurgitating already fruitful assets of yesteryear? Whatever the case may be the list seems to be ever increasing. With no end in sight it seems that I am just going to have to learn to accept it and embrace the new age of cinema! Try to believe me, they are not all terrible. In the world of Horror, the remake is perhaps more prominent but with a portfolio expanding through remakes, retellings and (for all intents and purpose) prequels and sequels I could go for a while but I have decided to give a Semi-brief [self] opinionated report on the subject matter. As I do like lists, at the end of this post I will also give my personal top 10 best and worst Horror Remakes

Movie Review: Nightmare Hostel (2005)

Viewers beware!! If you have seen a film called Dr. Rage, please do not waste your money by buying this film. You will only find yourself, like me sat with two copies of a very poor film! Let me start this review by comparing the two covers. I know this scenario probably happens a lot in the world of Random Horror but this is the first one I have reviewed so here we go. Dr. Rage was a DVD I purchased a few years back, watched it with the misses and was overwhelmingly underwhelmed with the film itself. The cover is fairly standard, tagline read “The Doctor will see you now!” and the cover also boasted the accolades of the cast. “Starring Horror Legends, Andrew Divoff ‘Wishmaster’ & Karen Black ‘House of 1000 Corpses’”. The picture is a standard screenshot from the film itself. Although I am not quite sure if Divoff and Black could really be classed as Horror Legends? Rather people who appeared in Horror Films, not even great Horror films at that! The whole picture is topped of

Movie Review: Rogue (2007)

If you want to make a really good crocodile based creature feature, my advice to you is ask an Aussie to do it! With just two films, Greg McLean has instilled a fear of both backpacking round Australia and getting into the water’s of Australia! The latter comes under the microscope today but I don’t suspect it will be long before I dust off Wolf Creek to refresh my memory before reviewing that one. The list of natural “killer” crocodile films isn’t very long but with films like Alligator, Crocodile and Lake Placid the standard is really set in place. Although Lake Placid was destroyed by its Direct to DVD sequels, the original starring Bill Pullman, Bridget Fonda, Brendan Gleeson and Oliver Platt was quite enjoyable in an overtly Hollywood sort of way and probably my favourite croc film. That was until I watched Rogue! A group of tourists board a croc sight-seeing river cruise in what appears to be a very normal exercise. Just before they turn to set off back home, a member of the