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Weekend Viewing! The Gingerdead Man & The Final Destination

Well. What can I say about the films that got airtime this weekend? As recommended by a friend, who in light of my taste and opinions via this blog and Facebook page ( Random Horror Films - Just started. You can choose to like if you feel inclined) gave me the first film... The Gingerdead Man! Lovingly prepared! The film starts with Gary Busey mercilessly killing a family in a diner. Leaving only one member of the family alive. Skip forward a few years and Mr Busey's character has been sent to the electric chair for his crimes. The one survivor, who is now looking after her late father’s bakery business receives a package containing gingerbread seasoning???? Knead and mix, roll and shape. Place in the oven on 220 for forty five minutes and hey presto, The Gingerdead man is born! Voiced by Busey, this walking, talking gingerbread man seeks to complete the job he started back in that diner. Well, that's the story in a nutshell. What do you say about a story like that? I

The Cube Series

If you are looking for some good films to watch, why not try the Cube Series. Consisting of Cube, Cube 2: Hypercube and the prequel, Cube Zero. When Cube was first released, it was received rather well. It follows seven strangers who awake to find themselves imprisoned in a strange square room. The room contains a small doorway on each wall and beyond that is an identical square room, and again and again. Every door they pass through takes them to another room. Here comes the fun part! Every now and then, they will come to a room with a terrible booby trap. Someone's imagination was working overtime to come up with some of these traps! Directed by Vincenzo Natali, Cube focuses on the relationships built between the strangers however good or bad they are. As the case says Fear, Paranoia, Suspicion, and Desperation. It starts with fear... Each person scared for their own life. Once paranoia sets in, suspicion is never far behind and then as a last resort, Desperation. If you w

Movie Review: Stay Alive (2006)

Keep telling yourself, it's only a game! This was one of my collection which instantly appealed to me! A modern movie about a 'Survival Horror' computer game not based on a real computer game!.. Brilliant. I was never in any doubt that this movie would entertain me, being a bit of a geek and all and I was not wrong! The movie starts with a bang and continues on the same path. A young man, Loomis (Milo Ventimigia) is Beta testing a new computer game. After dying in the game in a very gruesome way, he switches off. Hours later, he dies in a similar manor to that of his character in the game. Even more brilliant! The game is eventually passed on to his friend, Hutch (Jon Foster) He and a group of friends decide to play the game for themselves. It is not long before they realise a connection with Loomis' death and they take it upon themselves to investigate and try to discover the secret of the game. It’s not long before they are eventually picked off one by one...

Movie Review: Nursie (2004)

I was very dubious about watching this film at first. It wasn't until the missus picked it out, did we decide to watch it. Most of my DVD's tend to sit on the shelf for quite some time before I eventually give them a whirl. At first, Nursie didn't really have me interested. Low production value and a very limited dialogue didn't help matters but once it got going, I found myself getting increasingly involved. The story follows a Doctor, Zack and his wife who are travelling to a friend’s house. They stop off at a truck stop diner and after upsetting some of the locals, they flee. They travel several miles down the road before they are abruptly run off the road and subsequently hit a cow. Dazed and confused, Zack awakes in a bed. He doesn't realise it yet but he has woken up to a nightmare of Annie Wilke's proportion! With more than just shades of "Misery", this film builds the suspense with consumate ease. Some brilliant acting, mainly from Sava

Top 10 Horror Films of all Time

Below is a list of 10 horror films which I consider to be the best. You may not agree with the list, you may not like the list but it's my list so you can think whatever you like. You may notice the absence of one film in particular, The Exorcist did not make my list as I don not consider this film to be a) good and b) a horror film. One thing that has always baffled me about lists like this is everyone's willingness to include, what I would call, one of the most boring "big" films ever! And for that reason, it does not find a place in my top 10. Saying that, it would not make my top 100, so the point is irrelevant really. Anyway, here is my selection of the 10 greatest horror films. I have not chosen films that are the scariest or the most successful. I have chosen purely on the ones that I enjoyed. 10. 1408 : Agree or disagree but 1408 was brilliant. Based on a Stephen King story, John Cusack plays a writer who reviews "haunted" hotels. He ultimately

Watch this space!

Hi all. I am taking a little bit longer between posts in order to compile a list of what I consider to be the 10 best Horror films of all time. A slight change of pace from the "low budget" films features so far but hopefully it will make for good Reading and maybe even some difference in opions. Soon to follow the top 10 will be alist of my 20 most underrated horror films but fear not, reviews of two low budget films watched in the last two days, "Nursie" and "Zombie Chronicles " will fill the gaps. Enjoy!

Movie Review: Sharkman (2005)

More like a Bull Head! Hammerhead, or Sharkman, depending where you get it, is one of those little creature features that tries too hard to do something in all seriousness but in doing so, makes itself even more ridiculous and for the enjoyment of all, hilarious! It features a typical storyline. Two (obviously mad) scientists, Dr. King and Dr. Krauss, are performing experimental research on a remote island, trying to find cures for a number of diseases. A drug company, who used to employ Dr. King become interested in the research and make their way to the island. What they find is a mad scientist who, using Shark stem cells in an attempt to save his dying son has created a new breed of beast.... Sharkman! As the box says half man, half shark, total terror! Unfortunately, the eye catching case is about as good as it gets. The sporadic glimpses of the actual shark-man are shaky at best. Very little cash must have been left for special effects. The casting sees one of our favourit

Movie Review: Outpost (2007)

 No one told them the war was over!  It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a budget accumulated from re-mortgaging your house. Outpost uses war as the undertone but puts an all important spin on it. Maybe not as much as a horror film as it is a sci-fi thriller but when you have an army of undead Nazi's surrounding your location it could be quite horrific. For anyone who has seen Deathwatch, this one is for you. Where that film took a World War setting and added the horror twist; rather well I might add, Outpost does a very similar thing. Set in war torn Eastern Europe, a group of mercenaries are employed to protect a mysterious businessman but what they find is an old WW2 bunker. Strange things start happening and the group then find themselves in a struggle for survival. Some recognisable faces make the whole thing seem very local, mostly British actors, including Ray Stevenson, who recently played the muscle to Gary Oldman in The Book of Eli and Michael Smiley,

A small word from Monty

What is the first thing you look for when buying a DVD or choosing a film to watch? Great cast? Special effects? If you do, then you are certainly missing out! To me, there is a purity and rawness to low budget horror films that is sometimes sacrificed in large productions. Yes, the majority will not be bursting with great dialogue or have an oscar worthy storyline but every so often, a film comes along which has you gripped in the same way a big budget blockbuster might. This blog will hopefully make you aware of some of these little gems, which, you would have otherwise overlooked or never even heard of. From films you may know, to films such as Camp Blood, Hell Asylum and so many others. You may learn something, you may not really care but either way try and enjoy and maybe even pitch in with your own ideas and if I haven't already seem them, I will watch and give my honest and humble opinion. So, happy viewing and keep an eye on those bargain bins, you never know what you might

Movie Review: Zombie Flesh Eaters (1979)

Remember to brush your teeth! Zombie vs. Tiger Shark! Possibly the best selling point for any Horror movie ever! Can you say in all seriousness that you wouldn't watch just to see that? Well if you do decide to watch, you will get more than just a lumbering awkward looking Zombie grappling with an eight foot long Tiger Shark in beautiful tropical waters. You will be getting one of the all time classic zombie films. Hot on the heels of Dawn of the Dead or Zombi as it was known in Italy, this little number came along. Called Zombi 2 for the Italian market, maybe in an attempt to coat tail some of the success coming for George A. Romero's classic but nevertheless, Zombi 2 delivers it's own brand. Directed by Italian supremo Lucio Fulci, he delivers an udead romp which was able to compete with the master himself (George A. Romero) Starting off in New York Harbor (possible another attempt to appeal to the wider audience of Dawn) but mainly set on a tropical island. In st