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Movie Review: IT (2017)

While my love for horror films may have wavered over the last few years... Hence my recent Hiatus... I have re-found that love and I suppose it all comes down to finding my happy in this world.. Something which gives me the strength and want to do anything and everything I've always wanted to. Well enough of the soppy shit.  Last year a film was released which garnered the kind of public interest usually reserved for huge scale, large budgeted superhero movies... IT. Who doesn't enjoy a good scare at the cinema every now and then. So off I went with my happy to the movie theatre to watch a scary film. The room was very near full. To say that after the film had already been out a week, in our small corner of the world is a huge coup for the local cinema and the coffers it laps up! Anyway, on to the film! We follow Bill, Richie, Beverly, Ben, Mike, Eddie & Stan, a group of young kids dubbed the losers club. The group must band together to battle the woe