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Movie Review: Growth (2010)

Let me start this review with a small question. Do scientists really have these fancy islands somewhere in the world where they can all get together and plan tomorrow’s world? To be honest, I have seen enough films with instances of this to know that it must be true (films say so). Anyway, Growth is another example of why I write this blog. Not to discover the best horror films but those which don’t cost an arm and leg to make, don’t boast the biggest Hollywood stars and above all else show real promise. It seems that the only thing Hollywood can put out in this genre is sub-standard remakes and rubbish exorcist rip-offs (for the record, the original was rubbish too) but within the world of low budget independent horror, we find a great deal of “promise” and every now and then we do find those little gems which makes it all worthwhile. To be perfectly honest, Growth is not without its charm but sadly it lacks a little sparkle. The story starts in 1989, the residents of Cuttyhu

Movie Review: The Ruins (2008)

As much as I should really criticize this film, I find myself on the fence. Despite being full of tired clichés and possessing a storyline which essentially is a combination of two other films, The Ruins was still quite enjoyable. The two films I refer to are The Beach and The Descent, to anyone who has seen these two contrasting films, you will immediately connect the dots upon watching this film. The Ruins starts off on the slow side, picks up in the middle and sadly falls away towards its conclusion which starts to resemble a mediocre creature feature. A group of friends, Jeff, Amy, Eric and Stacy are vacationing in Mexico when they are joined by a mysterious stranger, Mathias. Jonathan Tucker, Shawn Ashmore, Jena Malone and Laura Ramsey play the group of friends and Joe Anderson plays the mysterious stranger. Mathias tells the group about an unearthed, previously lost Mayan pyramid which must be seen. They all set off in search of the rather poorly hidden “lost” pyramid but on a

Movie Review: The Killing Room (2009)

What happens when you can’t be bothered to walk upstairs and get another DVD from the office? You end up flicking through the movie channels. Fortunately for me, The Horror Channel is free with the full Sky package. If you like lesser known horror films then you can often find something enjoyable on there. Well anyway, by chance I tuned in just as The Killing Room was starting. A quick check on IMDB revealed the cast list and I was sold. Peter Stormare, Clea DuVall and Nick Cannon were enough to convince me to watch. The Killing Room follows a group of people who are participating in what they think is a Psychological study, it soon becomes apparent that they are involved in something far more sinister. Peter Stormare plays, as he invariably does, a shady foreigner (Not xenophobic, just an observation) Nick Cannon plays a quiet participant as does Clea DuVall. The remaining test subjects are played by Academy Award winner, Timothy Hutton and Shea Whigham. The whole thing is rounded of