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Movie Review: The Realm aka The Ouija Experiment (2011)

I sometimes forget where I pick these films up, this one was either 1p on Amazon (Thanks Zoverstocks) or it was £1 in Poundland. Either way, its been in my collection for a while and I randomly selected it for viewing. I learned a long time ago that in no way should you ever judge how good a film may or may not be by the content of its cover. This is no exception. On first glance, a very professional looking cover with a picture that is vague enough to have you instantly intrigued. It even included a cardboard sleeve slip case for extra professionalism. Whichever way you look at it, I was impressed by the presentation. But, what about the important thing, the film itself??? We follow Brandon, You Tube “Star” with a whole 20 views and his friend Shay who is taking Brandon to her, stay with me on this, “hot boy friends” best friend, Michael's house! Still with me? Good! Upon arrival the pair are met by Lynette who is said “hot boyfriends” sister. “Hot boyfriend” will hence

Movie Review: Sanatorium (2013)

While out and about doing my weekly shop, I came across a DVD with the tell tale “After Dark Original” banner splashed across the top of the case. I'm something of a Blu-Ray snob these days, so much so that I have just started archiving all of my DVD's in cool little Disc selector while re-buying some of the better ones on BD but its not everyday I find an After Dark Original in my local Tesco store so I made an exception. In hindsight I could of ordered the Blu-Ray on Amazon but I needed something to watch that night so I just bought it. Now I haven't reviewed as many of the After Dark titles as perhaps I should have but I have about 12 in total. From memory, The Task and Husk are probably among the better ones with only The Scream of the Banshee being on the poor side, from the ones I've watched so far. I suppose most people would be saying. Oh no! Not another found footage film about a group of paranormal investigators in some cliché ridden abandoned house

Movie Review: Deliver Us from Evil (2014)

As readers of mine may or may not be aware, I have an unrivalled hatred for the “classic” that is The Exorcist. In my humblest of opinions, the single worst “big” horror film ever spawned. That does not make me completely averse to the Possession sub-genre. In fact, The Devil Within proved to be very entertaining indeed but the less said about The Last Exorcism and its unholy sequel the better! I would probably put Eric Bana in the bracket of “bigger” Hollywood stars and it is nice to see some bigger names appearing in these types of films instead of using them as a stepping stone to something bigger. The film carries its own pedigree, Directed by Scott Derrickson whose previous film was the brilliant Sinister. Another bigger horror film starring an established Hollywood actor (Ethan Hawke) and his possession experience spans to the film prior to that, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, which put a very enjoyable twist on the sub-genre. When you stand back and take a look, Deliver