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The Mist (2007): Creature Feature or Cinematic Masterpiece?

When The Mist was first released in 2007, it was met with a fairly lacklustre critical response. With an opening take of just under $9M in the US, you could be forgiven for thinking this was just another creature feature with little bite! Overall, according to boxofficemojo , the film has grossed somewhere in the region of $57M worldwide off the back of an $18M budget. It's not a bad take but that does not tell the whole story. On the surface, the premise seems simple and perhaps formulaic but if you look deeper, you will find something which speaks to the human race in so many ways. It is something which truly hits home and more so at the moment with the uncertain times we all face around the globe, it showcases the best and worst of the human psyche. The film itself follows a father and Son who find themselves trapped in a local, small town supermarket following a storm which brings in a thick, all-encompassing mist. As the mist begins to engulf everything i

Coronavirus: Is this the start of the zombie apocalypse?

Is the Coronavirus the start of the zombie apocalypse? No. But, that doesn’t stop people from asking the question and whether asked in jest or in seriousness the answer is the same...  Now before I continue I would like to extend my thoughts to those suffering with or affected by Covid-19. The world has certainly become a smaller place because of this current crisis and I can only hope the powers that be find a swift and viable solution to the current outbreak.  No personal opinions on current affairs or conspiracies will be conveyed here. With all that said, the situation does make me mindful of Zombies, that’s just because of the way my brain works. So I am going to give a rundown of some random infection based movies. This does not represent any “top” list or “best” films, that has been covered previously and will be updated in due course. These are simply a few random zombie films to enjoy if you find yourself in isolation and fancy a bit of light entertainmen