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The Blair Witch Project: A modern day classic?

There are films that are released with little to no expectation but for whatever reason, they go on to shape their respective genre in some way. The classics like Nosferatu, Dracula and Frankenstein are too obvious to put in that box. While they did huge things for the film world, more so than most others in the genre but they were all made during the golden age of cinema. A simpler time when technology had to be pushed or even invented to accommodate the vision of the filmmakers who were attempting to bring these literary characters to life. Obviously there were many stories committed to celluloid prior to the three I mentioned above but you get the idea. Films that have changed the genre from which they were routed... When we look at more modern entries onto this list, we have to look at films that shaped or changed the sub genre they belong to, films like Night of the Living Dead. A true masterpiece of cinema which gave birth to the version of the “Zombie” that most