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Movie Review: The Last Exorcism (2010)

A few months ago I wrote about The Devil inside , a docu-style exorcism movie with all the feel of a real life experience. In it I wrote of my excitement to see The Last Exorcism, as from what I had read in various places, it all pointed to The Last Exorcism being far scarier and an all-round better film. However, after now watching both I have reached the conclusion that either our eyes don’t work as everyone else’s do or everyone else is just insane! The Last Exorcism follows the story of Reverend Cotton Marcus who has become disillusioned with exorcism and almost his faith in general. He sets out with an access all area’s style film crew consisting of Iris (Filmmaker) and Daniel (Cameraman) to expose the worldwide scam of exorcism. After picking one request at random to answer, he uses this as his last case. He heads off to the town of Ivanwood to meet Louis Sweetzer, a farmer who fears his daughter Nell has come foul of something sinister! We bought The Last Exorcism on Blu-Ra

Horror! Part 4: Supernatural

Supernatural, paranormal whatever you want to call it, this sub-genre of horror films is next on the list in my "Horror!" segments. Following on from Zombies , Monsters and Slashers , Supernatural will take us places we haven’t really ventured to yet.  Typically, you think of ghosts when you start to envision supernatural and as usual, you wouldn’t be far wrong. Where other genre’s of horror rely heavily on physical aspects, (blood, guts, gore and creatures) supernatural films play more with your mind. Often leaving the core aspects of the film to the viewers’ imagination or deep seated fear’s and repressed tension.  Now for the housekeeping, I will lay out the rules, give a brief outline of the genre and my own opinions and then at the end, I will probably include my 10 best films from the sub-genre. For the purposes of this piece, supernatural will cover ghosts, paranormal and the occult. Although Zombies, Vampires, werewolves etc all come under the vague heading of

Movie Review: Grave Encounters (2011)

“Oh... Great” was the reply from the misses when I showed her the case for Grave Encounters! I know my wife well enough to know that she was being sarcastic and possibly, the prospect of watching yet another sub-standard random horror film was not as enticing to her as it was to me! Whatever the result, we sat, open-minded (I was at least) in anticipation and watched.  The DVD cover leads with the accolade of receiving over 22 Million trailer views, which I have to say in the world of film DVD’s is a first. Normally films are plastered with notable quotes from credible source’s and critics but not Grave Encounters. I suppose it’s the times we live in. Digital sales rule, VOD and other online sources show films and trailers readily and sometimes freely. In addition, to a certain extent, people couldn’t care less what Mark Kermode or Roger Ebert think of films, I certainly don’t (Clearly) but anyway, I was intrigued. Having not been a member of the 22 Million + strong crowd who had se

Movie Review: Apocalypse of the Dead (2009)

I have to admit that after watching Zombie Apocalypse starring Ving Rhames, I was somewhat dubious about another Zombie film with Apocalypse in the title and starring yet another genre legend. This legend comes in the shape of Ken Foree, Star of the original Dawn of the Dead. Thankfully, it wasn’t long before all my early doubts were eradicated!  As the misses and I sat to watch, I noticed that there was a lot of “…vićs” involved. A quick scan of IMDB and Wikipedia showed me the way. This film is perhaps the first Serbian Horror Film ever and as horror films go, it’s fairly good.  The film starts off with the customary intro into the infection, a burial site is discovered which is originally thought to be of plague victims, however through some manipulation and mutation, it actually revives dead cells. Skip forward a few decades and the release of this plague in modern day! We are next introduced to the main characters and some semblance of a plot. Interpol agents are to overs

Movie Review: Zombie Apocalypse (2011)

Well, here we are, the shiny New Year that is 2013 is barely old enough to crawl and the horror just keeps on coming. I hope you all enjoyed the holiday period. After a few weeks off with the family, I thought it would be nice to start with a film which I got in my Christmas box... Zombie Apocalypse! I gave the misses a “wanted” list of Random Horror films to fill my Xmas stocking with and low and behold, I received them all (prepare for the reviews over the coming months). However, the first one from the stack we decided to watch was possibly one of the ones I was looking forward to the most, Oh how naive I was! Zombies and Ving Rhames have possibly carried a “handle with care” warning due to the brilliant Dawn of the Dead being followed up by the abysmal Day of the Dead. Despite this, my expectations were higher than usual; Expectations which were only heightened by the inclusion of Eddie Steeples. Any fan of My Name is Earl will recognize the afro wearing “Crab-Man” and instan