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Movie Review: Breathing Room (2008)

Following on from the last film I watched which was the extremely enjoyable Frozen. I was feeling slightly less excited about the next. It came in the shape of Breathing Room. As usual, a quick glance on IMDB gave me a brief overview including the stars or lack of whichever the case may be. The lead in this film goes to Alisa Marshall who has had a few bit parts but for the most part remains an unknown. It also stars Michael McLafferty, again small bit parts here and there but he plays the immediate interest to Marshall’s character. It isn't difficult to see where the film will go! Directed by Gabriel Cowan & John Suits, a partnership which between them would ultimately bring us the rather directionless and flat Growth in 2010, Breathing room follows Tonya (Marshall) as she is thrust naked into a room with a dozen other people. With no recollection of how she got there, Tonya along with the other inhabitants of the room must piece together the clues in order to survive. Sou

Movie Review: Frozen (2010)

Well, it’s been a while but after a well deserved holiday, I was back to the wonderful world of horror this week. My first stop back in the UK was to my trusted DVD retailer, where for the [usual] bargain price, I picked up a few new additions. First up was a film which although I had previously heard of, it was yet to find a place in my DVD player. The start of the film introduces the viewer to the three main characters very well in a short space of time. It shouldn’t always take an hour to establish a base and provide the viewers with empathetic feelings towards the main characters. We follow Lynch, Parker and Dan as they spend the weekend on the slopes. It gets dark very quickly and the weather soon starts to turn, the three decide that this would be a good time to go for one last run. After sweet talking the chairlift operator into letting them ride, they set on up the mountain. A calamitous mix up between the operators leads the three to be stranded in mid trip. Once all the li