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Twists and Shocks: 9 Random Horror films that keep you guessing

Some horror films fizzle without the spark. Some meander along their duration with minimal expenditure. Some fail in any reasonable attempt to muster any more than a meh…  In general, most give us light enjoyment at best but they’ll never live up to your movie brain expectations with the delights you crave....  There are a select few which give us more, a few shining beacons which will have you firmly rooted to the edge of your seat, some will leave your fingernails at risk of being chewed and some will cause toe tapping anxiety. Then there are the ones that include all of the above emotions and feelings with the added bonus of staying with you long after the credits have rolled. Those special films are the ones you’ll be thinking about for days, weeks or even months! While not all the films on this list may be earth shattering entrants to the genre, one thing is for certain, they keep you guessing and make you think. They will make your brain whirl and sometimes even hu