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Movie Review: House of Bones (2010)

When you’re me and you see a film called House of Bones, you pick it up and without question hold it in your hand while you look for more films to buy. Then when you get it home and realise that it stars Corin Nemec and Charisma Carpenter, an eyebrow raises as you think to yourself, not bad. Could I have found one of those rare hidden gems here?! The film begins with a flashback to the 1950’s and the (not so mysterious) disappearance of a young boy. Skip forward 60 years and we are confronted with a cheesy, TV style opening credits in which we are introduced to a few of the characters and the overall premise for the film. A crew of Ghost Hunters filming a reality TV show have chosen their latest haunt! It soon becomes apparent that this foreboding house known as The Wicker House may have more than just skeletons in the closet! As I said before, the film “stars” Corin Nemec but I can’t help feeling that maybe he owed someone a favour. He plays the “face” of the show called Sinister

Movie Review: Scream of the Banshee (2011)

When you consider that the last After Dark Original I watched was the very entertaining Husk and before that, it was the previously reviewed The Task, I was expecting more of the same. Unfortunately, all I can say is I hope the next one I watch will be a marked improvement on this dull, lifeless and all round lacklustre attempt at a Horror Film. Let me take you back a bit. I received The Task as a Christmas present and on the back of that I decided to get the collection of After Dark Originals. Having previously enjoyed various After Dark films including Penny Dreadful and Zombie Virus on Mulberry Street I knew that this collection of films would be one for me. I did my usual pre-movie research which includes reading the cover of the DVD and a quick look on IMdB to see how the rest of the populous rate it. After looking on the cover for Scream of the Banshee, I was filled with promise as I noticed the horror legend that is Lance Henriksen has a credit in this film. My thoughts were