Movie Review: Zombie Women of Satan (2009)

Where do I start? All logic and thoughts of previous films that I have seen and enjoyed must go out of the proverbial window at this point. When talking about a film like this, nothing can be taken seriously. Zombie Women of Satan.... Even the name takes the piss out of itself! One thing that is immediately apparent is, you will either love or despise this film. There is no room for middle ground or “maybe if I watch it again”. Let me tell you, if you don’t like it on first viewing, you will probably like it even less after a second!

Having said all that, I loved it! Maybe it’s the fact that every word is said with a tongue constantly lodged within the cheek of those speaking or maybe it is just the good old familiar Geordie accents on display. For anyone scratching their heads at this point! Geordies are from Newcastle Upon-Tyne in the North East of England and if there is one thing to be said of Geordies, they sure know how to have a good time!

A group of extreme comedy performers led by Pervo the Clown must battle for survival after a scientists’ bizarre experiments are unleashed upon his estate! I know, what a name, Pervo the clown! Pervo is played brilliantly by Co-Director & Writer Warren Speed. He is perhaps one of the funniest protagonists to ever grace a Horror/Comedy flick, and I have seen a lot! He is perfectly complimented by his right hand man, Johnny Dee Hellfire played by Seymour Leon Mace and the rest of this rag tag group of extreme performers. Zeus, Harmony Starr and Damage, played by Peter Bonner, Kate Soulsby and Joe Nicholson respectively.

The group arrive for an interview along with singer Skye Brannigan at an internet TV studio. Unbeknownst to them, the studio is on the Zander estate! A large colony/cult presided over by Tycho Zander. His father, Henry, sisters Blue and Red and his mother all share the estate with Tycho’s girls. An almost brain washed group of girls with no names. Henry, played by Bill fellows is performing some kind of experiments with the girls. After something goes slightly wrong, the girls of the colony are all infected with a virus and begin to terrorize the survivors!

Ok, so all seems fairly innocent so far. Looks like a normal Zombie movie... Or does it? Did I mention that most of the girls are topless? No, oh well they are. This leads to some rather amusing chase scenes and some great comedy timing from Pervo the clown! Although the film does have a storyline to follow, it was all secondary really to the comedy of the protagonists. A few uneasy moments, including Zeus the dwarf having an extremely untimely shit in the woods while watching his back for zombies and a rather uncomfortable scene involving Tycho and a) his mother and b) a zombie strapped to a table! Neither of which detract from the film but still, worth mentioning!

Despite the make-up for the zombies not being quite up there with Dawn of the Dead or 28 Days Later, the actual situation was extremely well acted. What would a comedy performance act do when confronted with topless zombies, ta da!

Before I took the plunge and watched it for myself, as always, I got a general feel for the film by looking at some user reviews. Let me please point out at this stage that I never let myself be influenced by any review, I merely use it as a gage for what is to come. What I saw was a lot of negativity, disliking the whole film and criticising its comedy timing! Personally, I think they were a bit harsh. Ok, it’s totally stupid, makes no sense and has very little in the way of structured storyline but don’t take it too seriously, it doesn’t take itself seriously so why do you?

I thought the comedy timing was perfect, the action was very good and the acting was pretty good too. Not to mention the production value, which was excellent! It also has its share of gore which does lend itself very nicely to the overall film. As I said in the beginning, everything you thought you knew about films goes out the window when watching one of this calibre including rating. On that note, I would highly recommend Zombie Women of Satan to anyone who doesn’t take their films seriously (Like some of the user reviewers on IMDB!) and to anyone who likes a laugh! Maybe its because I can smell the stink of Newcastle from my house or the fact that I just like Random Films a bit too much. Whatever the case, ZWOS was a film that I thoroughly enjoyed and would watch again. Please don’t take my rating too seriously!!!

Released: 2009
Zombie Women of Satan (2009) on IMDb
My Rating: 7

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