Movie Review: Outpost (2007)

No one told them the war was over!
 It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a budget accumulated from re-mortgaging your house.

Outpost uses war as the undertone but puts an all important spin on it. Maybe not as much as a horror film as it is a sci-fi thriller but when you have an army of undead Nazi's surrounding your location it could be quite horrific.

For anyone who has seen Deathwatch, this one is for you. Where that film took a World War setting and added the horror twist; rather well I might add, Outpost does a very similar thing.

Set in war torn Eastern Europe, a group of mercenaries are employed to protect a mysterious businessman but what they find is an old WW2 bunker. Strange things start happening and the group then find themselves in a struggle for survival. Some recognisable faces make the whole thing seem very local, mostly British actors, including Ray Stevenson, who recently played the muscle to Gary Oldman in The Book of Eli and Michael Smiley, or Tyres, to anyone familiar with Spaced. Both play very good parts in this film and along with Johnny Meres, who plays "The Breather" they carry the film very well.

The movie is gritty and suspenseful which makes for great viewing and the undead Nazi army are very unnerving. What this movie lacked in the special effects department is more than compensated for in the cast, who through talent alone make this a very believable (I know, Undead Nazi's believable?) and underrated flick. Very well done to the hard working production team who obviously sacrificed a lot to make this film happen. I hear there may be hope for a sequel, Watch this space!

Released: 2007
Outpost (2007) on IMDb
My Rating: 7

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