Movie Review: Knock Knock (2007)

Wait... I know this one!
Ah, another cheap and cheerful slasher film from the very bottom of the bargain bin! This one sadly, belongs where I found it. With an unknown cast and a small budget, sometimes you can still come up with something a little more original!

Knock Knock boasts a standard revenge/slasher plotline filled with red herrings at every turn. Unfortunately it appears that the writers gave up and completely missed their opportunity for one of those glorious things in slasher films... A Twist. It was like they literally just ran out of ideas. Some of the death scenes are rather imaginative, if a little overcooked by the epilepsy inducing camera and editing department.

As for that unknown cast. Only one actor stood out in the whole thing, Antonio Mastrantonio, who plays the lead's grandfather and retired cop. Desperately trying to get back into Nikki's life. He soon teams up with rookie cop/hooker, Det. Billie, played ever so subtly by Kim Taggart. Her performance is so realistic, you could be forgiven for thinking that she was really on the job.... What? She wasn't playing a lap dancer? Well.... She could have fooled me. The only other actor worthy of any mention is Sal Sirchia who plays the somewhat troubled Janitor, Troy. Originally the chief suspect but it soon becomes clear, to the retired cop that is, that there is no way Troy could have committed these murders.

As for the rest of the onscreen performances you might not be far wrong for thinking that the extras were completely oblivious to the fact they were being filmed. Some very shocked and surprised looks when they notice a camera! So that’s it, two stand out's and one pair of legs make up the cast.

The director clearly chose to aim the film down the gory, shock route rather than building any sort of characterisation. We feel absolutely no empathy for the young teens as they gradually get picked off one by one. Another area of particular note... During the flash back scene, we are supposed to be watching two young teens doing what boys do and playing with army figures. The only problem is they must have filmed it quite late in the day because one of the boys is sporting a very impressive 5 o'clock shadow!

The film’s production value is not the worst I have ever seen but some really shoddy camera work does seem to make the whole thing feel very amateur. As far as low budget slasher films go, I am glad I watched it but I can’t say I would be in any major rush to watch it again.

Released: 2007
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My Rating: 3

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