Movie Review: Zombie Chronicles (2001)

Run for your life!
Holy Shit! That pretty much sums up this poor excuse for a film! With a lot more emphasis on the Shit part of that comment.
Less of a film and more a "Twilight Zone" of stories.
We follow a journalist who gets lost looking for a town. She picks up a crazy local who says he can direct her. First moments of "What was i thinking!"

We eventually find ourselves in the first of two stories as the stranger begins to regale her with tall tales of the local area...
Both stories within the main story are poor at best. The main story is not much better but nothing can compete with the acting. I have seen a lot of "Low-Budget" horror films but this one can be dumped firmly in the "No-Budget" category.

Supposedly filmed in stereoscopic 3-D however this is the single most disastrous attempt at that medium that I have ever seen... Yes, I am including Jaws 3-D in that list! The camera is jerky and scratchy, I assure you, I could have done a better job with my Smartphone! The opening credits go on for far too long and to make matters worse. They show us every zombie munching scene! So when we eventually reach that part of the film, we know who is going to get it and how it's going to happen. I don’t know about you but I like a few surprises with my films! Ironically, the best aspect of this film is the close up shots of the zombies chewing away at some unfortunate soul!

With absolutely no coherence and a disjointed storyline together with terrible acting, bad direction, no production value what so ever and a script which could have been written by a toddler... Zombie chronicles is without question the worst film I have ever seen!

When all is said and done I find myself doing something that I hate..... Bad Review!
I have always believed that every film deserves credit no matter how bad it was. It is the way I view films and has been for a long time and that's why it pains me to do this. Hopefully this will be a one off but Zombie Chronicles scores a catastrophic Nul Points!

My advice, if you ever find yourself in the store with this DVD in your hands.... Thinking..... "Hhhmmm, should I?"

YES! Buy it...... and BURN IT! That way no one else will ever been in that unfortunate situation ever again!
Chances are, like me it will only set you back £1!

Released: 2001
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My Rating: 0

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