Movie Review: Sharkman (2005)

More like a Bull Head!
Hammerhead, or Sharkman, depending where you get it, is one of those little creature features that tries too hard to do something in all seriousness but in doing so, makes itself even more ridiculous and for the enjoyment of all, hilarious!

It features a typical storyline. Two (obviously mad) scientists, Dr. King and Dr. Krauss, are performing experimental research on a remote island, trying to find cures for a number of diseases. A drug company, who used to employ Dr. King become interested in the research and make their way to the island. What they find is a mad scientist who, using Shark stem cells in an attempt to save his dying son has created a new breed of beast.... Sharkman!

As the box says half man, half shark, total terror! Unfortunately, the eye catching case is about as good as it gets. The sporadic glimpses of the actual shark-man are shaky at best. Very little cash must have been left for special effects. The casting sees one of our favourite mad doctors playing; yes you guessed it, a mad doctor. Jeffrey Combs, who has previously portrayed the mad doctor role, most notably Dr. West in the Re-Animator films and Dr. Vannacutt in House and Return to House on Haunted Hill is back at it again, complete with mad man round specs.

Regrettably, Combs is by far the best thing about this film and even that is stretching slightly. William Forsyth plays what can only be described as the ass kicker role, however, he is far from believable. All the make-up in the world could not convince us that he is twenty years younger and capable of playing "the hero". Hunter Tylo, of The Bold and the Beautiful fame does play her part rather well, despite some terrible dialogue from the script department. Sad to say, they are the only parts worthy of mention.

All in all a rather dull outing, a few moments of enjoyment but sorry to say, my worst review so far. My advice, watch Deep Blue Sea.

Year Released: 2005
SharkMan (2005) on IMDb
My Rating: 3.5

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