A small word from Monty

What is the first thing you look for when buying a DVD or choosing a film to watch? Great cast? Special effects? If you do, then you are certainly missing out! To me, there is a purity and rawness to low budget horror films that is sometimes sacrificed in large productions. Yes, the majority will not be bursting with great dialogue or have an oscar worthy storyline but every so often, a film comes along which has you gripped in the same way a big budget blockbuster might. This blog will hopefully make you aware of some of these little gems, which, you would have otherwise overlooked or never even heard of. From films you may know, to films such as Camp Blood, Hell Asylum and so many others. You may learn something, you may not really care but either way try and enjoy and maybe even pitch in with your own ideas and if I haven't already seem them, I will watch and give my honest and humble opinion. So, happy viewing and keep an eye on those bargain bins, you never know what you might find!

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