Weekend Viewing! The Gingerdead Man & The Final Destination

Well. What can I say about the films that got airtime this weekend? As recommended by a friend, who in light of my taste and opinions via this blog and Facebook page (Random Horror Films - Just started. You can choose to like if you feel inclined) gave me the first film... The Gingerdead Man!

Lovingly prepared!
The film starts with Gary Busey mercilessly killing a family in a diner. Leaving only one member of the family alive. Skip forward a few years and Mr Busey's character has been sent to the electric chair for his crimes. The one survivor, who is now looking after her late father’s bakery business receives a package containing gingerbread seasoning???? Knead and mix, roll and shape. Place in the oven on 220 for forty five minutes and hey presto, The Gingerdead man is born!

Voiced by Busey, this walking, talking gingerbread man seeks to complete the job he started back in that diner. Well, that's the story in a nutshell. What do you say about a story like that? I tell you what you say.... What the Fuck! Some terrible acting, not so much from Busey as, for 90% of the film, all we are treated to is his soft tone (or would that be grizzly racket) but one puncture hole in the trash bag of despair was Ryan Locke. Someone who's filmography does not seem to do him much justice. Locke provides the majority of the best scripted stuff, mainly comedy lines but other than him, the talent pool was rather shallow I’m afraid. A further beaming ray of sunshine was the fact that this film is only a whisker longer than an hour in duration. So not a lot of precious time was lost to this film. Nevertheless, some funny moments and even funnier special effects make this little number bearable.... Just!

Released: 2005
IMDB Rating: 3.3
My Rating: 3

After battling through the dough of Gingerdead Man, The Final Destination was next on the list.

They certainly know how to drag
out this Final!
Another Final Destination graces our screens. Sad to say but I really enjoy these films, well the first two anyway. The fourth instalment however does not meet the standards set by 1 & 2. It does surpass the 3rd however. Not really much need to lay out the story line, we all know how that goes... Released in theatres in 3D this was another example of "cashing in" on the latest technology but who can blame them when you have the gate receipts that this film made!

The thing I have always been drawn to about the Final Destination franchise, is the series of events that lead up to the deaths. Somewhat reminiscent of the old Honda advert or an elaborate game of Mouse Trap! So well thought out and intricate in all its fluid motion. Setting up the inevitable and gruesomely gory end, although not always the way you may think! FD4 does seem to substitute good acting and dialogue for this intricacy but that is not in this instance, such a bad thing.

You see, these films are all about the beginnings. The first had an awesome aeroplane explosion, the second, that highway pile up and the third had the roller coaster accident (?) The 4th offering has a race car crash at a speedway track. A very good way to open any film! This, like the previous attempts does dip slightly in the middle but we are treated to some very imaginative death scenes.

When all is said and done, all I can say is that, as unnecessary as the sequels have been. They do provide some very enjoyable chewing gum for the brain. All I can say now is that I am really looking forward to seeing the 5th instalment. Out now!

Released: 2009
IMDB Rating: 4.9
My Rating: 6

Well, those were the highlights of my horror experience this weekend. It can only get better. Happy reading.

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